• Sleep Worship Collection

Sleep Worship Collection


Sleep Worship Collection - Organic Bath & Shower Duo

The Gift of Sleep Conjuring 

Be enveloped in deep tranquillity with VOYA’s luxurious bath & shower duo. These products have been specially formulated with the purest possible essential oils and beautiful fragrances that have deep calming therapeutic effects on the mind and body. All expertly blended to banish stress and nourish your skin, be prepared to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep after a lavender infused bath or shower.

Gift Set Includes: 

- Moonlight Moments, Relaxing Shower and Bath Oil (50ml)

99% Certified Organic Ingredients 

Be enveloped in moonlit tranquility with VOYA’s luxurious bath and shower oil. The deeply soothing power of lavender and rose geranium blended with wild Irish seaweed will help settle both the body and mind, leading to a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep. From VOYA’s Tranquil body care range this luxury shower and bath oil mixes delicate scents of floral serenity with the century’s old tradition of seaweed bathing, that VOYA has captured in a bottle. This versatile and COSMOS certified organic Bath and Shower Oil soothes the senses, nourishes your skin and prepares you for the perfect night’s slumber.

Directions for Use

Pour 1 to 2 cap fulls into a deep bath or spread the same amount onto the body prior to showering, inhale the relaxing scent of pure essential oils. Take care not to slip. Gently pat the skin dry with a towel. Not recommended for use during pregnancy.


  • Calms and Soothes Dry and Tired Skin
  • The restorative power of wild Irish seaweed works to nourish and replenish skin. 
  • Essential oils, including Lavender & Geranium help to relax and unwind before bed time. 

- True Tranquil, Relaxing Shower and Bath Wash (200ml)

70% Certified Organic Ingredients 

VOYA’s True Tranquil lavender body wash is infused with the natural purifying properties of wild organic Irish seaweed. Capturing the serenity of a calm sea in a relaxing body wash that will hydrate your skin and soothe your senses, our mild yet effective organic formulation contains essential oils and naturally-derived cleansing and conditioning agents to help soften the skin and leave it feeling thoroughly nourished. Active seaweed extracts help to relieve muscle stress and fatigue. The perfect match to de-stress at the start of the day or to assist in promoting a good night ‘s sleep.

Directions for Use

Apply a small amount all over the body, while showering or bathing for a real indulgent experience that will leave your skin hydrated and gently cleansed. ​


  • Nourishes, relaxes and soothes.
  • Gently cleanses.
  • Promotes harmony, tranquility, and relaxation.