April 2018, Dennise Wijnstok, Auckland

I am so excited to have discovered the Voya range of products recently.

I have suffered from  contact dermatitis on my shins for over two years and have tried dozens of treatments, both conventional and natural, none of which has made much difference.

So I was thrilled when a beauty therapist on board a cruise liner talked me into letting her try Voya Angelicus Serratus Oil on my legs.

There was almost an immediate feeling of relief from the itch and by that evening there was very little evidence of inflammation and redness.

I was so impressed that I purchased the product and have been using it now daily for two weeks and have had no recurrence of the itchiness or the rash. My legs look normal again!

I have also started to use the oil on the backs of my hands, which are very sun damaged and they also are now looking and feeling amazing.

Thank you VOYA!!

 Rawinia Buchanan, Spa Manager, Spa at the Pullman, Auckland

VOYA resonates with the spa’s holistic approach to total wellbeing.  “Growing up in New Zealand, I’m a huge believer in the powerful healing qualities of the ocean.  VOYA’s sustainable practices resonate with my core values.  Conscious ethical choices should be key to every business.   I know our clients will fall in love with VOYA instantly just as I have,”

October 2017

Michael Monsod
Director of Spa & Recreation, So Spa at Sofitel The Palm, Dubai

"I personally selected VOYA as one of the key products for the spa because I strongly believe in the detoxifying properties of seaweeds and the effectiveness of the products. And the fact that it is organic and sustainable is like icing on the cake.

"VOYA is exactly the spa brand that should be used by anyone striving to offer truly natural, organic treatments, ensuring only the purest of elements make contact with your body."


Michelle Kelthy
Spa Director, The Ritz Carlton Spa Naples

"VOYA is a truly authentic wellness and prevention spa brand. We have been working with VOYA for over 4 years; the organic seaweed bath has become our top spa service, promoted by our service providers! We cannot keep the retail in stock, it's sold off the shelves every week. Our guests tell us after receiving VOYA services they had the best night's sleep for a long while, they feel more energised and rejuvenated, they feel better!...We all believe and see amazing results with VOYA"!


38, Dublin

''Following severe operations my mother developed a series of dermatological issues. Attempts by dermatologists to solve these issues failed miserably. By chance VOYA's products came into her life & completely cleared up all her problems! Carol & Lorna recommend VOYA hand-cream for dry, cracked, broken hands & nails; VOYA body-lotion & soap for all-over dry, flaky skin; and VOYA shampoo & conditioner for an irritation free scalp.

"We believe the key difference is that VOYA products do not contain Sodium Laureth/Laurel Sulphate. My mother uses only VOYA and all irritations have cleared up.

"I wish I had a before & after pic of her hands to show you. They were cracking so badly she had to wear gloves whenever they would come in contact with water. Her nails were cracking down the centre too. It was v painful, & a total nuisance. When a friend of mine was moving back to America she off-loaded stuff she had in her office, which included your hand cream. I gave this to my mother as I knew it had no bleach in it, & the rest is history!''

Shona Dawson

Spa Manager, The Dawson, Dublin

"Working with VOYA products gives me confidence that my clients are getting the most from their skincare regime and getting professional results."