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Cancer Safe Training Program - Touch Therapy Education

Touch Therapy for Cancer Clients, a Christine Clinton Cancer Care™ education program, teaches trained therapists and professionals how to bring safe, effective spa treatments for cancer clients to spas and schools worldwide.
VOYA NZ has partnered with Christine Clinton Cancer Care™, who is a leading expert and educator in developing cancer safe Spa treatments for cancer clients.

 Program Overview

3 Days, 8 hours per day, Training Course
  • 24 hours of classroom learning
  • 10 hours of case studies
    7 Modules
    • What is Cancer ?
    • How is Cancer Treated ?
    • Drug Interactions and Contraindications
    • VOYA Skincare Products - Safety and Efficacy
    • Massage Protocols
    • Facial Protocols
    • Wellness and Prevention
      Course Outcomes
      • Completion of 10 Case Studies
      • Final Evaluation for Certification and Uniform Pin
        Full training manuals and material included
        Morning and afternoon tea provided

        Course 1
        DATE:  TBA - 2019
        LOCATION:   Tauranga

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         Touch Therapy encompasses a range of safe and effective spa treatments, including a range of facials and product knowledge, which have been modified from standard protocols to address the specific skincare needs of cancer clients.
        The primary objective of this Touch Therapy Massage program is to ease the burden of skin-related side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
        This course teaches the therapist to modify standard protocols to accommodate cancer clients with medically-induced skin conditions such as EGFR rash, steroid rashes, dryness, radiation dermatitis, and extreme sensitivity. Aestheticians will learn what VOYA products are helpful in addressing those skin conditions, while nurturing and caring for the client.
        Modifications include adjusting position, adjusting pressure, reducing duration, recognizing lymphoedema and its risk factors, and being mindful of medical devices.

        About Christine Clinton


        Christine Clinton brings a unique warmth and positive energy to her clients.  Her extensive knowledge and experience coupled with her compassionate listening and natural teaching abilities, enables her to create customized treatments for private clients, student training and speaking engagements for spa industry professionals.

        VOYA have partnered with Christine Clinton Cancer care for a number of reasons:

        Hand On Practice:

        Feedback has shown us it is important to have hand on practice on clients who are going though treatment or are in remission. It is important for the therapist to be confident when they are confronted with this in the treatment room.


        As always at VOYA we try to give back where ever possible. Christine is a firm believer in bringing the Cancer Safe treatments to the local community. We will always use models from local hospices and cancer support groups for models on training. We would like to ask that each spa and or therapist going though this training program would donate 1 complimentary treatment per month to someone who is going through treatment or survivorship.


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