Top five skincare tips for men

When it comes to skincare, men typically opt for the ‘quick and easy’ approach.

 If this is you (or your partner!), listen up. It doesn’t take a bathroom cabinet full of products to achieve healthy, youthful and vibrant skin – it only takes a few of the right ones (plus a dash of consistency). Here are our top five tips…

 1: Start with a quality cleanser

 This is a no-brainer. Your face goes through the wars every day, whether it’s sweating at the gym, being exposed to pollution in the city or shielding the sun with SPF.

 Cleansing your skin daily is a surefire way to remove impurities and reduce the chance of breakouts and blackheads. Instead of soap (which has harsh ingredients and will only dry your skin), opt for a cleanser that’s specially formulated for men.

 Our Invigorating Seaweed Facial Wash contain sea heather and aloe leaf extract to improve your skin's tone. Its ocean-inspired scent combines warm rich woody undertones with fresh clove and lime, and it’s certified organic, too - so it’ll soothe and reduce skin irritation, diminish deep wrinkles, and encourage a rejuvenated and even complexion. Simply massage onto your face then rinse with warm water.

 2: Always use SPF

 Yep, even in winter. Using SPF daily will help prevent sunburn, age spots, wrinkles and skin cancer. There are so many options on the market today so it’s easy to find one that’s best suited to your skin type.

 3: Manage ingrown hairs, razor burn and acne

 We all know acne isn’t just a problem for teenagers – it can affect men and women at any stage in life. Shaving can also be a source of skin inflammation, which is why it’s so important to use skincare products that are non-irritating.

 Our certified organic cooling shave gel offers a close shave whilst protecting the most sensitive of skins. It’s a result-driven shave gel which works hard to naturally protect, soften and deeply hydrate the skin. After cleansing, apply it to your face and neck, and once you’re done shaving, rinse with cool water and lightly pat dry with towel. Easy.

4: Make friends with moisturiser

 Moisturiser isn’t just for the ladies – use it daily and your skin will love the hydration boost. The best time to apply it is when your skin is still damp (and don’t forget to moisturise your entire neck).

Our rejuvenating moisturiser for men replenishes the skin’s functional barrier and soothes skin irritations caused by shaving, free radicals and environmental damage. It’s formulated with seaweed extract which works to increase firmness, diminish fine lines, reduce redness, restore balance and retain moisture levels. If your skin is on the oily side don’t worry, this moisturiser has a matte finish so you’ll look fresh and healthy without the shine.

5: Be consistent

Like one bicep curl at the gym isn’t going to make a difference to your overall physique, when it comes to achieving great skin, consistency is key. Your skincare regime doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to be consistent. Look after your skin every day and, trust us, your future self will thank you.

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