The Power or Serums

Serums are the talk of the town right now, and with good reason - they’re the pint-sized beauty product packing a huge punch.

If there’s one additional step you should be incorporating one into your skincare regime, it’s a quality organic serum. But what exactly do serums do? And how do you use one? We’ve rounded up the facts (and two of the best serums on the market) for you below…

What’s a serum?

A serum is a skin care product that you apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturising, to deliver a potent shot of ingredients directly into your skin.

Unlike a moisturiser, however, serums have a lipid-soluble base which allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the epidermis instead of lying on the surface.

The added bonus? Serums are incredibly luxurious to use – they’re good for the skin and good for the mind! 

How do they work?

Serums allow you to intensify the strength of your skincare regime, providing a more comprehensive approach to anti-ageing and hydration.

Each serum is designed to tackle specific skincare issues, from wrinkles and acne to hydration. Our Palmarosa Balm, for example, is great for those with sensitive skin as it’s made using only the most natural and gentle ingredients.

How do I use one?

Using a pea-sized amount of serum, gently massage the product into your face and neck a couple of minutes after your cleanser. Then, apply your regular moisturiser and make-up as normal (in the morning) or your night cream (in the evening).

Top tip: for a massaging and cooling mini facial, try applying your serum with a crystal facial roller.


Say hello to VOYA’s seriously luxurious serums

My Little Hero

  • 30ml
  • 98% certified organic ingredients

This award-winning organic nourishing seaweed serum is packed full of antioxidants, offering nourishment to improve radiance and bring dull skin to life. It’s the ultimate skin booster treatment and a ‘little hero’ for the most troublesome of skin.

To use:

Apply two pumps and spread with your fingertips all over your face and neck.

You can use after toning in the evening to complement your Dream Cream night cream, or use during the day to complement Even Pure, Me Time or Pearlesque moisturisers as part of a daily skin care routine.

Key ingredients:

Fucus Serratus (hand harvested seaweed)

Naturally rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to gently rejuvenate and nourish.

Rosehip Oil

Penetrates the skin and almost instantly restores moisture balance. It’s also naturally rich in vitamin A.

Avocado Oil

Improves elasticity of the skin.

Camelina Oil

An anti-ageing agent to help improve elasticity of the skin - rich in omega 3 and essential fatty acids to protect and nourish.

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My Little Hero facial serum

Balancing Act

  • 30ml
  • 72% certified organic ingredients

This super light correcting serum has been specially designed to re-moisturise and purify the skin, and is part of our facial range for oily and combination skin types.

Willowherb complex reduces the production of sebum, whilst jojoba and lavender smooth blemishes – it’s the ultimate treatment for oily, shiny or combination skin.

To use:

Use daily after cleansing - apply one pump morning and evening to cleansed and dry skin, before moisturising. Use your fingertips to apply with gentle upward movements, and leave the skin to absorb for a few minutes before applying further products and makeup.

For best results, use in combination with Even Pure moisturiser.

Key ingredients:

Jojoba Oil

Deeply cleanses the skin and clears clogged pores.

Sea Buckthorn

Naturally high in antioxidants, vitamin A and E and omega 6. Reduces skin inflammation and promotes natural skin restorative processes.

Alpaflor© Alp©-Sebum

A rare alpine species of willowherb known for soothing, pore-refining and reducing sebum production.

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Balancing Act Facial Serum

Palmarosa Balm

  • 30ml
  • 89% certified organic ingredients

Our Palmarosa Balm is a gorgeous blend of power-packed seaweed and nourishing oils – it’s the perfect tonic for sensitive skin!

This little gem will leave your skin cooled and soothed, while reinforcing the skin’s functional barrier, increasing cell renewal and acting as a great anti-inflammatory. Our advanced formula strengthens your skin, providing long lasting-protection from the environment.

To use:

Apply a small amount to the face and neck under your moisturiser in the evening. For added hydration (or if you have particularly dry skin), you can also apply in the morning.

Key ingredients:

Fucus Serratus (hand harvested seaweed)

This seaweed survives by filtering the ocean for nutrients, and as a result, it amasses a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. It’s naturally rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to gently rejuvenate and nourish.

Rose of Jericho

Repairs the skin’s functional barrier, prevents moisture loss and supports moisturisation and firmness of the skin, resulting in a plumper appearance.

Passion Flower Oil

Rich in anti-itching, healing and antibacterial properties.

Camelia Oil

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids to protect and nourish - an anti-ageing agent to help improve elasticity of the skin.


An anti-inflammatory which reduces dryness, irritation, sensitivity and itching. It also supports and strengthens fragile skin.

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Palmarosa Balm facial serum