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  • Eat your way to healthy skin

    Eat your way to healthy skin


    It’s true - you are what you eat. We know our diet affects our health, but did you know it also directly impacts our complexion and skin cell turnover? Fatty food leads to inflammation and acne, too much sugar leaves skin dull and coffee causes dehydration. The good news is there’s a flipside - there are lots of tasty food options out there that give our skin the nutrients and hydration it needs to look its best.


    We want to empower you to understand why some foods are better than others and how to make them work for you, which is why we’ve included a few delicious recipes below, each packed with powerful ingredients for skin health.

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  • Leading Certified-Organic Skincare and Beauty Company VOYA New Zealand Announce a Cancer-Safe Oncology Course for Therapists

    VOYA New Zealand are excited to be able to offer a series of cancer-safe training programs for Spa’s and massage therapists that will allow them to confidently offer cancer clients an experiential luxury Spa treatment and massage. We are delighted to be partnering with Christine Clinton Cancer C... View Post

    We are thrilled to announce that VOYA has been named Organic Brand of the Year at the Natural Health Magazine International Beauty Awards 2018. This accolade joins the numerous other awards we have won this year, including: Best Body Care for Moonlight Moments, Relaxing Bath & Shower Oil at t... View Post