Sweet Summer Style: Q&A with Robin Reynolds - Top Kiwi Stylist

Summer’s right around the corner, which means it’s finally time to pack away your winter woollies in favour of fresh, new season fashion. Not sure where to start? Karen had a chat with top Kiwi stylist Robin Reynolds to find out what we should be putting on our body and skin (as well as in our handbag) this summer…

VOYA: What are the biggest style trends for summer?

ROBIN: Spicy desert colours – think mustard, navy, terracotta and khaki – are beautiful for summer. This colour palette’s blue-based earthy undertones seem to complement every skin type, and when mixed with soft white linen shirts or pants, you’ve got a gorgeous, breezy summer look.

White, on white, on white is also going to be huge this year!

VOYA: Great, but it’s still chilly in the morning! Any tips for trans-seasonal dressing?

ROBIN: Cami singlets and summer tops are great, but when I’m walking to get my morning coffee, I don’t want to put a heavy jacket on because it’ll ruin my outfit.

This is where kimonos come in – they’re amazing. They cover up your arms (if that’s what you prefer), but unlike your traditional cardigan, they’re super lightweight and feminine. I’m loving the kimono right now because you can get so many varieties of shapes and colours, and again they look great on different body types.


VOYA: What about accessories? 
ROBIN: Big, beautiful statement earrings can take your outfit to the next level. If you’re wearing all white or all black, for example, a bold colourful (or silver or gold) earring can look stunning.
Short necklaces are definitely on trend again for this season, as well as cuffs and bracelets - try layering them up your arm.
I love that Gucci is doing big square sunglasses this summer, but when it comes to eyewear, there are no rules! Try different styles and colours and see what works for you.
VOYA: What about skin and makeup trends – what looks are you loving at the moment?

ROBIN: The dreamy desert colour palette I’m such a fan of also extends to makeup. Blended well, those pink, orange and burnt-red shades look amazing on the eyes – just make sure to add lots of mascara.

Complement your desert eye makeup with a brown or orange toned lippy - think earthy, hot, Moroccan spice colours.

Because the New Zealand sun is so harsh, I’ve always been a fan of fake tan. Applied carefully, a good tan can boost your confidence and give you a healthy glow (without the skin damage), but it can also dry your skin. I use my VOYA Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil daily after tanning as it makes the colour last while keeping my skin smooth and supple.  

VOYA: What items are always in your summer handbag?

ROBIN: A good quality SPF, a hydrating face mist, such as VOYA's Ritzy Spritzy, my VOYA lip balm and a lip gloss or two.

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