Soothing adult acne with seaweed

Most of us have had a brush with acne in our teenage years. But what many people don’t realise is that, whether you suffered from this condition from a young age or not, it can come back or even materialise for the first time later in your adult life.

Sometimes phases of skin blemishes come and go on their own, while other times prescribed medication is needed.

Even if a dermatologist has prescribed a course of medication to treat your acne, it’s important to find a natural way to soothe, cleanse and hydrate your skin to best boost chances of recovery and to keep your spirits up.

Acne is a chronic skin condition that causes blackhead and whitehead spots to develop on the skin, usually on the face, back and chest. The symptoms of acne can be mild, moderate or severe.

In teenagers, it happens as a result of hormones that are triggered during puberty. In adults, it can be caused by a hormonal imbalance. This is one reason why women entering menopause can also develop acne.

Although acne is not caused by poor hygiene, regular application of a seaweed-based face wash or soap can help extract impurities and stop a build-up of oil on the skin that develops as a result of the disease.

Seaweed naturally absorbs its nourishment from the sea, and as a result contains countless minerals, vitamins and beneficial ingredients in high concentrations.

The most powerful antioxidant from the plant world, it is known for its anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties in the treatment of sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Seaweed can also aid in treating a number of skin conditions, including acne, eczema and psoriasis. 



VOYA’s combination/oily skin products combine the restorative therapeutic properties of seaweed with carefully selected natural active ingredients to help cleanse, clear blemishes, minimise the visibility of pores and illuminate the skin while ridding it of unwanted shine.

EXPERT TIP: Apply a dab of Porefecion clarifying gel toner to individual blemishes several times a day to soothe and heal.