How to fight the winter blues

When the cold snap hits around this time of year, it’s easy to slip into a ‘hibernation’ lifestyle. As the stormy weather, our bikini body is no longer top of mind so it’s only natural to let healthy eating and exercise slip further down the priority list. But does a healthy routine have to be harder just because it’s autumn? Absolutely not!

 Your body, skin and emotional health can take a real hit during a change of season, but we’ve got your back with some valuable tips for keeping your lifestyle in check.

 Tip #1: Don’t be so hard on yourself

 It’s important to realise your summer routine won’t necessarily work for you in winter, and that’s okay - it gives you a chance to mix it up a little! Swap your morning ocean swim for an indoor pilates session, or if you’ve been using fresh lettuce with every meal you can find a seasonal alternative like kale. There are lots of options out there, we just have to find them.

 Tip #2: Find a healthy hot beverage to adopt as your go-to

 We all love a cosy mug to wrap our hands around on those wintry days, so why not fill it with something that helps your body? We have a range of delicious herbal teas for precisely this reason including fennel, camomile and peppermint. Coffee and hot chocolate are great but turmeric lattes, green tea or lemon honey and ginger drinks can be just as satisfying. So, next time you’re reaching for a mug, take a second to consider trying something new.

VOYA Herbal Teas

Tip #3: Learn to love breakfast

 Convincing yourself to crawl out from the warmth of your bed can be tough, so let a warm, delicious breakfast be that extra motivation. Winter shouldn’t be seen as a limit on what you can eat, in fact, there are plenty of exciting winter foods to work into your diet. Try preparing a week’s worth of seasonal fruit compote to pour over a bowlful of hot porridge - this way you’re getting your fruit intake as well as warming yourself from the inside out. If that’s not your style, why not try some tasty corn fritters? You can even prepare a batch to store in the freezer ahead of time. Poached eggs, quinoa, baked apples, spinach and feta mini quiches… there are numerous healthy options out there, so get creative! Starting your day off right allows you to stay on track towards those goals you set in January (remember them?!).

 Tip #4: Protect your skin

 Your skin is your number one shield against the elements, so it pays to give it a little extra TLC this season. Helping your skin to stay hydrated, strong and nourished is not only key to having a gorgeous complexion but also a solid defence for the rest of your body. Investing in a quality organic facial moisturiser like our Pearlesque Hydrating Cream will make all the difference during these cooler days, and when your skin is raw from exposure to wind and rain, a restorative night cream (like our Dream Cream) can provide an extra boost for healing any irritation or redness. Once you’ve found a way to get that healthy winter glow, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your general wellbeing.


Tip #5: Get amongst nature

 Don’t let the weather stop you enjoying the great outdoors – round up your mates, family or four-legged friends and get some fresh air. Whether it’s a gentle walk on the beach or an overnight tramp, we guarantee a little vitamin D will make you feel amazing (just don’t forget to rug up).

 Keeping your health in check during winter largely comes down to having a holistically healthy approach. If you’re following our tips, maintaining a healthy diet and investing in some warm woolly socks, you’re bound to keep the winter blues at bay.