How seaweed can protect your skin against pollution

Air pollution and your skin

Your skin comes into battle with a variety of negative factors every day - UV rays, changeable weather, dehydration,  lack of sleep, coffee intake, eating sugar-filled items on the go, dirt, chemicals and air pollution.

Here at VOYA we keep reiterating the fact that it only takes 20 seconds for your skin to absorb any chemical that touches it and for that chemical to enter the bloodstream.

Pollution is a contentious topic today, as we know pollution is threatening not just the environment and the planet but there is an abundance of new research in 2017 to show the direct relation of damaged skin due to pollution. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is only getting worse.

If you live in a city, the issue of ‘city skin’ is possibly affecting you right now.

New research has discovered that toxin fumes are the primary cause of skin ageing in large cities such as London, New York and Beijing. According to this research other factors such as sunburn, sunbeds, over exposure to UV rays, smoking and diet all contribute to ageing skin but for pigment spotting on the cheeks and hands, air pollution is the major driver.


Skin problems caused by pollution

  1. Wrinkles and age spots
  2. Hyper-pigmentation on cheeks
  3. Chronic inflammation
  4. Redness and rosacea
  5. Damaged collagen
  6. Eczema and hives