Certified Organic Eco-Friendly Health and Beauty Products of VOYA New Zealand Utilize the Many Benefits of Seaweed

By Ciaran Warner

The abundance of benefits to health and beauty provided by seaweed are used to their full potential in the line of certified organic products used by leading skin and body care company VOYA New Zealand.

Kiwis have long had a special closeness to the ocean, and it was in that same spirit that New Zealander Karen Hind travelled to Ireland in 2017 and enjoyed her first seaweed bath.

Since then as the rejuvenating effects of seaweed and the environmentally-friendly, chemical-free approach by Voya to creating the products inspired Karen to bring them home.

“When you grow up with holidays by the sea, salty air and sandy toes become synonymous with a feeling of serenity and wellbeing - VOYA was a natural fit for our South Pacific shores,” says Karen, who is Managing Director of VOYA New Zealand and Business Development Manager for VOYA in New Zealand and Australia.

“We provide the world’s first seaweed-based skincare range and spa treatments. VOYA products are pure and safe, certified organic.”

Medical studies have already shown the benefits of seaweed in our diet, with decreased joint pain, lower blood lipids for a healthy heart and allergy prevention just some of the benefits provided by this versatile ocean algae.

But the nutrients in seaweed, such as potassium, zinc, and beta-carotene, which has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, can be equally nourishing for the skin, assisting in anti-aging as well as protecting skin against free radicals, and aids in treating several skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, and acne..

“Seawater and blood plasma have an almost identical chemical composition, and seaweed naturally absorbs its nourishment from the sea. As a result, it contains countless minerals, vitamins and beneficial ingredients in high concentrations making it the perfect solution for replenishing the body's minerals,” says Karen.

While seaweed baths have long been used as a method of relaxation and relief from both stress and pain, the proven scientific benefits of seaweed make seaweed baths both enjoyable and highly beneficial.

“When seaweed is steamed the polymers in the seaweed act as a carrier for minerals, vitamins, proteins and polysaccharides, creating a natural alkaline poultice. These amazing, luxurious oils surround the body, detoxifying and replacing minerals,” says Karen.

The effect on the environment is of equal importance to Karen and her team. Here at VOYA our expert harvesting team check the tide levels of the Atlantic Ocean weeks in advance to strategically plan which type of seaweed to harvest based on tides and weather conditions. They only use sustainable harvesting practices, which simply means that the seaweed is selected by eye and harvested by hand. No machinery is used so as not to harm the delicate seabed or marine life. Seaweed cutting is done manually to ensure that the stems of the seaweed remain in the ocean, thereby allowing the seaweed to regrow to a mature state within 12 months.   The harvesters like farmers move on to different parts of the reef to allow it to fully grow back and replenish, thus creating sustainable harvesting. 

Seaweed harvesting at high and very low tides can be dangerous and sometimes the search for seaweed will have to be abandoned for this reason. It is the nature of dealing with a raw natural beauty product. 


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